10 Awful Movies With Incredible Casts

9. Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow

Dr Dolittle

Cast: Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Michael Gambon, Laurence Olivier

With its giant robots and dieselpunk style, it's clear Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was a love letter to serials of the 1930s. Sky Captain also has the distinction of being the first movie entirely shot on a blue screen.

Sadly, the special effects really stand out and not in a good way. Despite boasting a phenomenal cast, most of the performances are dull because the actors have nothing to act against. Even when the performers are giving their all, it's difficult to take them seriously as jarringly rendered special effects whiz past them in every shot.

What makes this film worse is that it dragged acting legend, Laurence Olivier, into it.

Despite being dead for 15 years, Olivier was able to make an appearance with the use of archival footage. This means that Sky Captain is technically the last film he "performed" in - a distinction the renowned actor wouldn't be proud of.

The movie did so poorly with critics and at the box office, the director, Kerry Conran, never made another movie.


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