10 Awkward Star Wars Moments That Must’ve Happened Off Screen

9. Grogu Tells His Master To Do One

Han Solo

One of the most notable events to go down in that aforementioned apparent Boba Fett-centric spin-off came in the form of another moment involving Luke Skywalker and one of his first apprentices.

When faced with the seismic choice of decking himself out in the Beskar armour gifted to him by Din Djarin or taking up the lightsaber formerly owned by legendary Jedi Master Yoda, Grogu eventually shows up on Tatooine to aid his bestie in his quest to help Boba Fett defend Mos Espa.

But what isn't showcased in The Book of Boba Fett's runtime was the actual interaction that went down when Grogu effectively told Skywalker where to go when offered up these two life-altering choices.

With the closing shot of Grogu with his mouth slightly open perhaps teasing the diminutive Force-user finally uttering his first words, it's unclear whether the little green icon uttered the phrase "shiny vest, I would like" or just simply waddled on out of the temple in his new threads.

The fact Grogu rocks up in Luke's X-Wing later suggests a more amicable break-up of sorts, but there's still no questioning the fact that this decision must've birthed at least a momentary beat of awkwardness between the two.

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