10 Awkward Star Wars Moments That Must’ve Happened Off Screen

8. The Fate Of Luke Skywalker's Hand

Han Solo

And sticking with Master Luke, and to a query many a Star Wars fanatic has posed since way back in 1980 as Skywalker went to war with his dark father in Cloud City.

During said duel, the Jedi-in-training unfortunately loses a hand, resulting in both his mitt and lightsaber falling down a shaft and disappearing for a spell.

Of course, the iconic lightsaber formerly owned by Anakin Skywalker would rear its head once again in The Force Awakens. But what of the hand that was gripping hold of the Jedi weapon?

Well, away from the one-time opening scene of that aforementioned Sequel trilogy starter that would've seen the hand burn to a crisp as it fell out of space, it turns out that the paw actually wound up on a familiar planet.

Though not going down on-screen, the Star Wars: Darth Vader comic revealed that what appeared to be his son's hand somehow ended up on Exegol with The Emperor, with some even suggesting it was used to help create the clones of Snoke seen in various tanks in the lair.

Whatever way you slice it, though, the Emperor appears to have been conducting some pretty unsettling tests on this iconic chopped hand.

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