10 'Bad Guy' Movie Characters Who Were Actually Good All Along

These books shouldn't have been judged by their covers.

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There are plenty of things that can make a movie, or really any story in general, weak. Audiences need to connect with what they are being told, they need to be entertained in some way, shape or form, and they need to be kept on their toes. The last thing a narrative needs to be is predictable.

Sure, anyone watching a film likes to try and guess what comes next, and there's a certain satisfaction to getting it right, but knowing for sure what's about to happen takes the magic away from everything.

There are countless ways a movie can keep an audience guessing, whether it's with a genuinely compelling story, one huge twist at the end, or anything in between. The following ten films on this list went down the route of essentially lying about one certain character. Though portrayed as a bad guy throughout at least the majority of the story, villains these guys were not.

Whether due to a big misunderstanding, thanks to the uncertainty of an unreliable narrator, or the true disposition of someone being kept secret until the perfect moment (usually at the end), you may have rooted against these ten characters only to find that they were actually one of the good ones from the start.

10. Bruno - Encanto

Now You See Me Mark Ruffalo

Even if you’ve never even watched Encanto before, chances are that you know We Don’t Talk About Bruno. That song was everywhere when the film released, in the same way as Let It Go from a decade earlier, and while certainly ridiculously catchy, it served an important plot point of the story.

It was clear from the very beginning, when Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz) ran through the members of her magical family, that Bruno (John Leguizamo) was shunned by everyone, including his own mother, and was no longer living in the house. His power of foresight was not taken to kindly by either his relatives, or those in the village.

Whenever Bruno would give a premonition that foretold of something bad happening, he was then blamed when the bad thing happened; even something like someone going bald or getting fat. It wasn't his fault, but it was more of a shoot the messenger situation. Then, when he had a troubling vision surrounding Mirabel and the miracle, he "left" in order to protect her.

The big twist of the film is that Bruno never actually left. Mirabel found him and brought him back to the family after working together with him to save the miracle that granted the Madrigal family their gifts. Bruno was welcomed back, as he never should have been cast out in the first place.


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