10 Bad Horror Movies (With ONE Great Scene)

Diamonds in the rough.

Saw V Strahm

Even the worst horror movie generally has something that prevents it from being a completely useless waste of time, whether a single decent performance, some rock solid camerawork, a few fun one-liners, or maybe a neat, gory death scene you won't soon forget.

These 10 horror films, despite being otherwise incredibly bad entries into the genre, dared to offer up a single scene which truly aspired to greatness, delivering a level of quality so far above everything else as to be totally, hilariously jarring.

These 10 scenes, whether terrifically well-executed suspense sequences or fantastically creative deaths, were awesome enough to clearly deserve a place in far better movies. Instead, they're pretty much the only reason to actually bother sitting through these films.

The main reason these movies continue to be remembered - in a positive sense, anyway - is for these single scenes of cinematic excellence, proving that someone working on them was actually trying to make something unique and inventive rather than just phone it in for an easy payday...

10. Jamie Hides In The Laundry Chute - Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers

Saw V Strahm
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There are few horror franchises which maintain anything close to quality control by their fifth entry, but even so, Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers is a legendary stinker.

Ultimately one of the duller and more forgettable Halloween sequels, it kicks off with an insulting retcon of the previous film's promising ending - which suggested that young Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris) might take up Michael Myers' mantle - and ends with Myers escaping to fight another day yet again.

But there's a single sequence that nearly makes the film's existence worthwhile, and that's the deliciously tense set-piece where Jamie hides in a laundry chute while being stalked by Michael.

Between the minimal use of music and claustrophobic camerawork, it's proof that simplicity is often the smartest approach, as is further elevated by Danielle Harris' terrific performance as Jamie.

This is the single scene in the film that actually feels like John Carpenter himself could've directed it, and it was even more intense in the original cut before the MPAA forced director Dominique Othenin-Girard to cut a beat where Jamie gets stabbed in the leg.

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