10 Bad Horror Movies (With ONE Great Scene)

9. The Pool Fight - The Strangers: Prey At Night

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This belated, decade-later sequel to The Strangers was a largely forgettable, whatever attempt to spin the brand into a franchise, but it boasts a single fantastic scene that evidently belongs in a much better movie.

Near the end of the film, Luke (Lewis Pullman) gets caught in a fight against the Strangers pool-side, all while Bonnie Tyler's indellible "Total Eclipse of the Heart" plays out over the motel's PA system.

Luke kills one of the Strangers, only to find himself battling the axe-wielding member of the group. In the scuffle, they fall into the pool, and as Luke attempts to escape, he's stabbed in the side, at which point he's left to either bleed out in the pool or drown.

Mercifully, though, he's saved at the last minute by his sister Kinsey (Bailee Madison).

Between the gorgeous neon lighting, inspired use of Bonnie Tyler - especially the muffled sound mixing during the underwater fight - and the genuine melancholy of watching Luke almost-die, it's an expertly crafted sequence in a film that absolutely didn't deserve it.

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