10 Bad Movies Hollywood Should Remake As Comedies

9. London Has Fallen

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Action movies about indestructible loners who single-handedly save the world by killing dozens of faceless henchmen really belong in the 1980s with a wisecracking muscleman in the lead. They should never be allowed to take themselves seriously.

If this sequel is the 2016 equivalent of Commando (or even Invasion USA) then Hollywood has abandoned making fun movies and decided to punish the audiences that made 300 a hit. Like its predecessor, London Has Fallen is all about guns, macho posturing and shopworn clichés, but it’s too (cough) sophisticated to use them in an entertaining way and resorts to po-faced seriousness throughout.

In order to succeed, or at least be memorable, this kind of material requires a muscleman who takes on opponents with his fists, throws them off cliffs and says, “I let him go.” Instead, we get some humdrum chase sequences, some digital explosions and a bit where the President has to kill a man to save Gerald Butler’s life.

They’re currently considering doing a third movie, tentatively titled Angel Has Fallen, so he really shouldn’t have bothered.

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