10 Bad Movies With Great Trailers

Thumbs up on YouTube, thumbs down in cinemas.

Warner Bros.

Without having to put on a comfortable pair of slippers, recline in a comfortable armchair and deride the youth of today for spending all their time glued to mobile devices, it must be said; back in the day, it was a lot more difficult to sell a movie to the public.

Much like the business itself, marketing campaigns for movies have evolved to cope with the changes in technology. Through viral campaigns, social media contests, set videos, TV spots, teasers for trailers, teaser trailers, actual trailers and more, even smaller movies have an inbuilt platform to build awareness with a potential audience. Long gone are the days of having to rewind a VHS to watch trailers or those infuriating DVDs that wouldn't let you fast forward them.

A surgically precise marketing campaign is all well and good to convince people to go and see your movie, but it's much more important for the final product to be able to back it up once butts are actually in seats in the theater. No amount of good advertising can compensate for a terrible movie, and if your movie sucks, in today's digital age everybody and their dog is going to know that fact sooner rather than later.


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