10 Badass Female Horror Villains

10. Evelyn Draper - Play Misty For Me

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While this film is more of a thriller than a horror movie, any woman who can frighten and nearly murder Clint Eastwood is horrifying. That's exactly what poor Evelyn tries to do. Poor, poor Evelyn. Play Misty for Me was the first female stalker film and arguably paved the way for movies like Fatal Attraction and The Crush.

Evelyn seems so nice at first, unassuming, genteel, and lovely, brought to life by Jessica Walter, also known as Lucille on Arrested Development. A frequent caller to Dave Garver€™'s radio station, she always requests the jazz standard Misty. Eventually, she meets up with Dave, played by Clint Eastwood, at his local bar and that evening they have a roll in the hay. You€™'d think by now, men would stop this in movies. It never ends well.

She stalks him, vandalises his home, and eventually attacks Dave'€™s housekeeper with a knife. She gets hospitalised after attempting suicide in Dave'€™s house, only to get out and impersonate a woman named Annabel. She then moves into Dave€™'s girlfriend's house, only to hold her hostage, in a desperate attempt to get Dave's attention.

Luckily, she manages to acquire another knife that she uses to attack Dave, who, in typical Eastwood fashion, not only grabs the blade barehanded but also punches her out of a window.

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