10 Badass Female Horror Villains

6. Baby Firefly - House Of 1000 Corpses Series


Sheri Moon Zombie€™s Baby Firefly of both House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil€™s Rejects, directed by her husband, Rob Zombie, is a whiny, tawdry, irritating slapper. Nonetheless, she wrecks shop, as Mary discovered in the first film, and everyone else in the second. When Mary attempts to run away, dressed in a bunny costume, she is soon stabbed to death.

Baby acts as a ringleader in many ways, as she goads her brother, Otis, and her stepfather, Captain Spaulding, into arguments, torture and murder, jumping gleefully the more blood that spills. Baby is tricky and manipulative, using sexuality and her victims€™ stupidity to lead people into deadly situations with the psychotic Firefly family.

She€™'s also tough as nails, or in this case, staples, as Sherriff Wydell proves. She takes a bullet to the ankle and a horse-whipping by that old pervert, but still lives to commit suicide by cop, played out to the thunderous chorus of gunshots and Freebird.

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