10 Badass Female Horror Villains

7. Ginger Fitzgerald - Ginger Snaps

Motion International

Obsessed with death and morbidity, and afraid of adulthood, Ginger Fitzgerald, portrayed by Katharine Isabelle of American Mary fame, only gets worse when she€™'s bitten by a lycanthrope and the transformation into a wolf begins. She gradually becomes aggressive and over-sexualised, loses her relationship with her sister, grows pointy teeth and sprouts hair in really weird places. She even grows a tail that she actually attempts to cut off. It takes a big set of cojones to try to cut off any body part.

Ultimately though, the film is interesting because it examines the dichotomy between Ginger€™s humanity and her animalistic side. As the wolf takes over, what small humanity she had slips away, and she finds herself enjoying the life of a wolf, without fear of human adulthood. She is powerful, confident and dominant.

Eventually, Ginger becomes a murderous savage, tearing apart her guidance counsellor, the school janitor and Sam the drug dealer, as Ginger-Wolf fully emerges. Ginger refuses to "go back to being nobody," so her sister is forced to kill her to prevent a massive werewolf scourge. When it comes to monsters, there€™'s really nothing better than a werewolf, except for a werewolf who actually enjoys being the wolf.

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