10 Badass Female Horror Villains

4. Marie - Haute Tension


Haute Tension features Cecile de France in the role of Marie, the protagonist and seemingly loyal friend who tries to save her best friend, Alex, from a vicious murderer, before the tricky little ending reveals that she suffers from multiple personality disorder and has created another persona for herself. Only, in her messed up world, that other persona is a hulking, stinking, male serial killer obsessed with sadism and torture. Cute, Marie. Real cute.

Here€™'s Alex, just trying to give you a nice vacation and BAM, you€™'re murdering her family, chaining her to her bed, axing storeowners to death, and brandishing a giant concrete saw that you use to carve up a Good Samaritan and then nearly take off Alex€™s legs. Worst best friend ever.

Additionally, how is Marie that jacked? The concrete saw looks small when the "killer" holds it, but it dwarfs Cecile de France. That makes her even scarier; she€™'s tiny but extremely strong. It€™'s also horrifying that Marie actually survives this story. Unlike most of the other women on this list, she could return at any time. Shiver.

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