10 Badass Movie Stars Who Proved To Be Real-Life Heroes

Saving lives on and off the screen.


Hollywood actors spend huge amounts of their lives pretending to be other people. This can often be a real challenge, but sometimes the roles these stars are asked to play actually match up with their real-life personalities pretty well, making it relatively easy for talented actors to slip into the part and put in a believable performance.

We see them in superhero outfits and explosive blockbusters so often that it's easy to forget actors are just real people like the rest of us. On the silver screen, they might be capable of fighting off hordes of enemies or disarming nuclear bombs, but when faced with a genuine life-or-death situation in day-to-day life, many of them wouldn't know what to do.

But for some actors, pretending to be a life-saving hero isn't actually such a stretch because that's exactly the sort of person they are in real life. These stars have been seen saving the day in countless cinematic roles, but have also proven to be genuine heroes out in the real world. Whether it's pulling people from burning vehicles or saving them from muggers, these stars are just as awesome in reality as they are in our favourite films.

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