10 Badass Villains Spider-Man Should Fight In The MCU

9. Stilt-Man

Kingpin Spider Man
Marvel Comics

If there's one thing Spider-Man's villains have embraced, it's stupidity. Many of Spidey's enemies have been exceptionally dumb, from Razorback (who wore a pig on his head) to Leap-Frog (who dressed up as a frog and robbed banks). Few villains are as totally and possibly deliberately idiotic as Stilt-Man.

Stilt-Man's extendable legs gave him increased height and loping speed, and that was it.

To keep Spider-Man fresh, humorous and fun, it needs to acknowledge and reference that comics are sometimes pretty ridiculous. A cameo from a really stupid 'super'-villain would be just the ticket.

With Spider-Man and other MCU heroes showing up on the news in costume, villains follow suit. They include idiots like Stilt-Man whose certainty they are the next threat to New York is rapidly dispelled when they meet a real super-person.

Stilt-Man's role would be in a short sequence where Spider-Man takes him down, spouts a few spiky one-liners about what a loser he is, and web-swings off to start dealing with the movie's real threat.

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