10 Badly Miscast Actors In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

9. Terrence Howard - James Rhodes (Iron Man)

Marvel Studios

Remember when Terrence Howard was Rhodey instead of Don Cheadle? Yeah, that was weird, wasn't it? At the very dawn of the MCU, then, in its very first movie, Terrence Howard signed on to play Tony Stark's good buddy James "Rhodey" Rhodes, who eventually becomes superhero War Machine (and later on the Iron Patriot).

Despite the fact that, at the time, we didn't really know what to expect from the MCU, Terrence Howard seemed like an okay choice for this character: it's only in retrospect, and compared to Cheadle, that he feels miscast. The biggest problem with Howard's take on Rhodes stems from the fact that it's too hard to believe that he would become War Machine. There's no sense of "superhero" in him - going on his performance in Iron Man, Howard could have been playing a character in a very serious army movie.

He's not tough enough and there's a lacking sense of authority that renders his character as... well, a little pathetic, to be frank. Is it really surprising that, for whatever reason, Howard went the way of the dodo come time for Iron Man 2? Don Cheadle: a lot, lot better.


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