10 Baffling Decisions That RUINED Artemis Fowl

9. The Hacksaw Editing

Josh Gad Mulch Diggums Artemis Fowl

Automated Dialog Replacement, or ADR for short, is a perfectly common practice used during post-production. If the filmmakers feel the need to alter or edit a certain line of dialogue, they will bring actors into the recording booth to record a new version, then flawlessly stitch it in to the footage they've already shot.

At least, that's the idea.

Artemis Fowl feels like at least 85% of the dialogue was added with ADR. There are entire scenes in which you never see any characters' mouths moving - just shots of the backs of their heads with new dialogue dubbed over them. It's entirely obvious that the film we're watching is not the film they shot, but something that has been completely ripped apart and retooled in the editing suite.

This becomes more and more obvious as the film continues. The story makes no sense, it is near impossible to follow, and it often seems to go against what we're actually seeing on the screen.


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