10 Bafflingly High 2015 IMDb Scores You Won't Believe

Have the users of the IMDb gone totally mad this year?

IMDb movie ratings are a curious sort, aren't they? We've all been there, of course. You log onto the Internet Movie Database to check the year a movie came out or find the name of that actor that's been bugging you for the past two hours, and suddenly you're staring at the film's rating, wondering what the heck is going on. "Really?" you ask yourself. "The Notebook really has a 7.9 rating on here?" As such, cinephiles don't tend to take the IMDb all that seriously when it comes to its rating system. Not that anybody knows how it works, exactly, given that the site have never revealed which users are given the honour of having their votes count. The mystery factor kind of adds to the whole thing in a way, but - overall - it's a fairly frustrating system. Which brings us to 2015's movie ratings, according to the Internet Movie Database. For every rating the users of the site got right (Mad Max: Fury Road totally deserves its 8.2 rating, though its position on the top 250 films ever made is questionable), they got one really, really wrong. Having scouted the length of the site, here are the worst offenders...


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