10 Bafflingly High 2015 IMDb Scores You Won't Believe

10. Southpaw

The Score: 7.5/10 What It Should Be: 6.5/10 Southpaw, which looked like it had the potential to be one of the greatest boxing movies ever, unfortunately turned out to be kind of the opposite of that. Which makes its 7.5 score on the IMDb a rather unexpected site to behold. Whilst the critics panned Southpaw for being wholly generic in almost every way, audiences apparently ate it up. 7.5, though? C'mon! Whilst Jake Gyllenhaal was brilliant as protagonist Billy Hope (then again, when is Jake Gyllenhaal not brilliant these days?), the movie relied on too much formula. Southpaw is a film that you feel like you've seen a dozen times already. The worst part is that Southpaw really thinks it isn't cliched at all; it thinks it's edgy and different (Hey, listen, it's a song by Eminem!) even though it's generic as hell. The same thing happened with Warrior. Critics called it "generic," and audiences deemed it to be one of the greatest sports flicks ever. Go figure.

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