10 Behind-The-Scenes Glimpses Of Movie Scenes We Never Got To See

Frodo-Gollum is pure nightmare fuel.

The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers Frodo Elijah Wood
Warner Bros.

The finicky, fluid nature of shooting a film, editing it, getting studio approval and finally shoving it in cinemas is so extensive that it's little surprise even the smoothest of productions tends to leave a heap of material on the cutting room floor.

While in many cases these scenes will end up as supplementary material on home video releases, sadly most of the time this footage is simply left to rot in a studio vault or, in the old days, literally incinerated.

Even when a scene isn't released to the public, though, occasionally a filmmaker, actor or crew member might extend an olive branch to fans by releasing an image or two from a scene that, for whatever reason, they've never actually been able to see.

From extensive, effects-heavy set-pieces, to scenes the directors decided were either too creepy or just plain wrong after shooting, we'll likely never get to see a completed version of any of these scenes.

However, these tantalising morsels nevertheless show off what nearly made it into cinemas...


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