10 Behind-The-Scenes Screw-Ups That Created Iconic Movie Moments

9. There Will Be Blood €“ The Sunday Twins Are Identical Because An Actor Dropped Out

There Will Be Blood - Sunday

Aside from watching Daniel Day-Lewis€™ oil baron chew the scenery in the way only he can, a major plot thread of Paul Thomas Anderson€™s oil-era opus was watching Paul Dano€™s Eli Sunday be a bit of a tool. As the preacher of the evangelist Church Of The Third Revelation, he€™s smarmy, obsequious and he finds constant reasons to worm his way into Daniel Plainview€™s interests.

Of course, as befitting his status as the traditional antagonist, it all comes crashing down in the end, as Daniel reveals to him that the tract of land he was holding as a bailout for a terrible financial situation has suffered DRAAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNNNAAAAAAAGGGGGGEEEEE (I€™m sorry, I couldn€™t help myself). Plainview then applies the coup de grace, saying that his brother Paul was the better son, as he sold an oil well to our €˜hero€™ before settling down with a prosperous little field elsewhere.

Now, the revelation that Eli is a failure, especially compared to what seemed like his more impoverished brother €“ Paul is wearing rags when we seem him, a far cry from the more prim Eli €“ is made all the more powerful by the fact both twins are acted by the same person, really hammering home Eli€™s despair.

However as effective as it is, this dramatic device only came about because Paul Sunday€™s original actor €“ Kell O€™Neill €“ dropped out just before shooting. That€™s how good a director Anderson is €“ he can turn anything to his advantage., even something which could potentially derail his masterpiece.


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