10 Belated Film Sequels Hollywood Should Never Make

Belated sequels to these film favourites? You have to hope Hollywouldn't bother!

Groundhog Day
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The films on this list don't exist and with any luck they never will. It's worth clarifying that early, because sadly they're all too close to some of the movies that have been greenlit in recent years.

Hollywood has long preferred to do something that worked before rather than risk something new and studios have started looking further into the past for inspiration. Why remake last year’s hit when there’s a hit from 20 years back that people still view with affection?

New instalments of Bill and Ted or Ghostbusters are tantalising on the surface but for every well received Jurassic World there are half a dozen Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skulls. As excited as we were to get them, would the world really miss the last eight Star Wars films if they just hadn't happened?

Of course, Hollywood will keep making these belated sequels for as long as they can squeeze money from nostalgic movie goers. Most of the time however, it's better to preserve the memories of classic movies than watch ageing stars in tired re-treads of former glories.

So, should anyone in Hollywood get hold of this article, please remember this isn't a wish list, but a series of cautionary tales.

10. Groundhog Day: The Prequel

Groundhog Day
Columbia Pictures

The Original:

Groundhog Day (1993). Weatherman Phil Connors pays a reluctant visit to his season predicting, groundhog namesake in Punxsutawney for a live TV report. Determined to get home as quickly as possible, Connors instead finds himself stuck in a time loop, forced to repeat the same day over and over again.

The Sequel:

Turns out that fateful February day from the first movie wasn’t Phil’s first encounter with a magical Groundhog. As an infant he got caught in a similar time loop after his parents took him to the Groundhog festival. Thing is, kids crave structure and routine, so when every day is exactly the same he just never really notices...

The vast majority of the film's budget is blown on hiring Bill Murray to voice baby Phil Connors, Look Who’s Talking style.

Thinking about it, was it actually even the Groundhog that was magical in the first film? It doesn’t matter, we’ve got Bill Murray as a talking baby!


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