10 Best "You Don't Know Who You're Messing With" Horror Movie Scenes

9. Blade Sets Off A UV Grenade - Blade II

Malignant Jail
New Line Cinema

Anyone who doesn't appreciate the all-encompassing badassery of The Daywalker himself, Blade (Wesley Snipes), truly only has themselves to blame, as best proven mid-way through the second movie.

Hell, he even vocalises it just to be sure.

When Blade and his comrades, the Bloodpack, head down to the sewers to clear out a nest of Reapers - a breed of mutant vampires - Blade makes use of a UV grenade that transmits lethal UV light throughout the surrounding area.

This comes in real handy when Blade douses himself in pheromones to lure the Reapers towards him, giving the rest of his team time to escape.

As Blade finds himself surrounded, he hilariously quips, "You obviously do not know who you are f**king with!" before pulling the pin on a UV grenade and dropping it in the water.

Just as the Reapers prepare to overwhelm Blade, the grenade detonates, causing dozens of the critters to instantly evaporate into nothing. Glorious.


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