10 Best A24 Horror Films

9. Green Room

Hereditary A24
Broad Green Pictures

Green Room taps into a simple type of terror by trapping you in a building full of people who want you dead. After a struggling punk rock band witnesses a murder at a skinhead bar, they fight for their lives as a neo-nazi group attempts to eliminate all evidence of the crime.

Out of all the films on this list, Green Room is the most visceral. You can feel the pain of every stab, cut, and bite, and the punk and metal soundtrack complements this graphic violence. But the gore is never gratuitous; it instead raises the stakes and fuels the film's harsh, nasty tone.

The main characters aren’t fleshed out and three-dimensional, but they feel like real, average people who make all the dumb decisions you’d probably make in their situation. Their fight or flight mentality contrasted with the organized skinheads and their strategic leader Darcy creates a chaotic, white-knuckle environment.

The late Anton Yelchin makes for a compelling lead, but Patrick Stewart steals the show as Darcy. The classically trained thespian could easily go over the top in this villainous turn, but he plays the skinhead leader with understated menace. He actively avoids emotional outbursts, and his grounded performance makes the antagonistic force all the more threatening.


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