10 Best Action Movies Of The Last Decade

10. Dredd


It's understandable if fans of Judge Dredd still felt some anger towards Sylvester Stallone for his part in 1995 version of the much loved 2000 AD protagonist. The Danny Cannon helmed movie was an absolute disaster in every sense of the word and rightfully made a lot of fans believe that the character would never get the justice he deserves.

So when it was announced that a new film called Dredd was going to be released, there was some trepidation. However, those fears were allayed when the film's director, Pete Travis, gave us the high octane and ultra violent version of the character fans had always wanted. Along with the extremely talented Alex Garland writing the script, Travis managed to successfully bring Dredd to the big screen and it was awesome.

Not only were the script and direction amazing, the casting of Karl Urban was a masterstroke. Urban has proven plenty of times that he's really good when it comes to action roles and Dredd is probably his finest performance in one todate. He really captures the sheer brutality that Dredd brings when he's taking out numerous targets in the most vicious way possible.

Dredd might not have turned the sort of profit that the studio hoped, but that shouldn't take away from what was an extremely fun action flick.


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