10 Best Action Movies Of The Last Decade

9. Atomic Blonde

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If there's one thing that we've learned about Charlize Theron during her award-winning career, it's that she's not afraid to take on any kind of role. Even then, we'd never really seen the South African actress in a film as stylishly raw, realistic and as viciously violent as Atomic Blonde befpre. Luckily for movie-going fans, she completely excelled in her role as MI-6 field agent, Lorraine Broughton.

Taking place in Berlin, the film follows Theron's highly dangerous - and quite seductive - agent as she tries to obtain a list of double agents just before they're smuggled over to West Germany on the eve of the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The stakes are high, which leads to a fast-paced, action packed battle between Theron and everyone else in pursuit of the list through the streets of German'y capital city.

The only reason it's so low on our list is because the plot is a bit weak compared to the other films ahead of it. However, Atomic Blonde is still a very entertaining watch, full of Jason Bourne-esque fight scenes, a great supporting cast which includes John Goodman and James McAvoy and an absolutely killer soundtrack too.


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