10 Best Andy Serkis Performances

What are the king of motion-capture's best performances?

Planet Of The Apes Andy Serkis
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Andy Serkis has been a working actor for roughly three decades, thus it comes as no surprise that he has a plethora of fantastic performances under his belt. The British icon's array of feature-length film productions have meant that he is involved with almost every huge franchise in the industry, and he seems to therefore never be out of work. He has earned his position at the top of the acting mountain.

Further from this though, Serkis is a pioneer when it comes to the use of motion-capture. He acts as one of its biggest supporters and the face of the technology. Motion-capture is a film-making style that is poised to remain relevant for a long time. Thus his popularisation of the digital system has not only affected his career but the industry as a whole.

Not satisfied with just being a successful actor and technological contributor, Serkis also directs many projects. He is a film-maker in the purest form and seems to have involvement in every aspect of the industry.

To celebrate his achievements and to look forward to his future, let's examine the best roles that he has had throughout his long career.

10. William Hare - Burke and Hare

Planet Of The Apes Andy Serkis

This 2010 dark comedy is a rather underappreciated film in the repertoire of its stars. The film boasted an impressive cast of British actors including but not limited to Simon Pegg, Ronnie Corbett, Tim Curry, Christopher Lee and of course Andy Serkis. This well-populated film reconceptualises the infamous Burke and Hare murders of the 1820s and makes a shocking comedy out of it.

The eponymous anti-heroes are portrayed by Simon Pegg (Burke) and Andy Serkis (Hare). We witness the duo grow their grave-robbing business into murder and body selling. The dark backdrop of this buddy comedy makes for a dark and ironic tale that is worth watching.

It's certainly not a perfect film, but within it stands a fantastic outing from Andy Serkis. The dynamic between the two leads sells the project, with Serkis taking on a more manipulative role than Pegg. Driving forward the majority of the ideas, Serkis crafts a simultaneous sense of humour and villainy. Whilst Burke feels reluctant to undergo this morally deplorable act, Hare revels in it and loves his newfound success.

The sense of progression from being a poor grave robber to serial killing mastermind is portrayed effortlessly by Serkis. He plays well into the comedy aspect whilst still giving off a dark edge that carries the narrative.


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