10 Best Benicio Del Toro Movie Performances

Assassins, werewolves, drug addicts and revolutionaries - del Toro has done it all.

Snatch Benicio Del Toro

Benicio del Toro is one of the very best actors of his generation, a passionate performer who is rarely comfortable doing the same genre twice and has acted in some of the truly great films of the late-'90s and the 2000s. His career these days seems to be stronger than ever, as he's taken more commercial roles in Star Wars and the MCU, and stunned in a succession of great dramas.

First breaking out in the '90s, del Toro has carved his career out of playing troubled men with dark pasts and deep secrets. He's at his most compelling when portraying characters who are attempting to overcome the pain and trauma their lives have brought them.

That said, he also has a keen eye for comedy and has dabbled (albeit with varying results) with horror projects. His intimidating presence and instantly recognisable voice mean he always commands the most attention from his audience, regardless of who he's acting beside or what the scene requires him to do.

Truly one of the greats of his profession, he's acted in everything from deeply personal dramas, intense thrillers, and historical epics. Here are the 10 greatest performances of his varied and striking career.

10. The Collector - The MCU (2013-2018)

Snatch Benicio Del Toro
Marvel Studios

There are many great characters within the expansive MCU, and whilst the Collector is by no means the most compelling or prolific, thanks to del Toro's performance he's certainly made an impression.

The Collector, renowned for his collection of intergalactic relics, first appears in the post-credit scene for Thor: The Dark World (2013), before appearing more substantially in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). During this time, he comes into possession of the Reality Stone, adding it to his collection in hopes of finding the other stones across the universe.

At once hilarious and threatening, del Toro is perfectly cast as the eccentric and infamous Elder. Around since the dawn of time, the Collector is a sight to behold - his hair is white and thick, his clothes bizarre and care-free. He's affable, funny, weird without being off-putting, but also quite terrifying, cruel and ruthless.

It's a great role, even if it is only a brief one, and shows the mostly-serious actor having a large amount of fun.


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