10 Best Body Horror Movies

9. Slither

Reanimator Head
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James Gunn, writer of the better than expected Dawn of the Dead remake, made his directorial debut with this funny nod to the '80s b-movies that graced so many video stores.

Slither stars Nathan Fillion as everyman hero, Bill Pardy, Chief of Police in the town of Wheelsy. When a meteorite crashes containing a parasitical alien the town begins to be taken over. The invasion starts with Michael Rooker's Grant Grant being taken over as the primary host before he goes on to infect as many of the town's residents as possible. This includes an unfortunate lady named Brenda who he keeps in a barn whilst he fattens her up with his many slug-like offspring.

Slither is very much in the same vein as movies like Night of the Creeps. Its effects are impressive and there are plenty of movie references to spot. It is hilarious at times and both Rooker and Fillion are really enjoyable to watch. But, the main draw here is the great, gloopy effects, there are plenty of typically slimy body horror moments to enjoy.

Slither flopped a bit at the box office at the time of release, but it has gone on to develop into a minor cult favourite and has won over many initial critics.

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