10 Best Body Horror Movies

10. Street Trash

Arrow Films

This aptly titled body melt horror-comedy is trash at its best. Street Trash doesn't focus too heavily on plot though.

The simple set up is that a liquor store owner finds a box of mysterious alcohol in the walls of his store and decides to sell it to the local homeless population, resulting in a number of horrific deaths for those that drink it.

There are a number of random subplots involving gangsters, a pretty forthright cop who makes a ham-fisted attempt at investigating the deaths, and a power struggle for the leadership of the homeless.

Most of these narrative threads seem to be there to lead in to a messy death scene or other hilariously bad taste payoffs. You really don’t need to pay that much attention to enjoy this film though, just best to let it happen. The obvious main highlight is the effect of the mystery alcohol on those who consume it and we get to find out the consequences early as a hobo literally melts down a toilet.

There are of course other treats for the eyes such as hobo sex, necrophilia, and a game of catch with a severed penis. It is all incredibly gooey good fun and some of the effects are tremendous.

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