10 Best Chase Scenes In Horror Movies

He's behind you!

Best Horror Movie Chases
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The idea of being chased is something that all living things fear. As a result, it's one of the most effective tools to get the blood pumping when it comes to horror movies. Since it's a universal phobia, it's impossible not to tense up while watching a movie and seeing an unscrupulous antagonist closing in on their prey - give or take a well-written character or well-choreographed sequence here or there.

Though a chase is simple in concept, it can take many forms. The pursuer could be a carnivorous beast, an unthinking machine, or a fear-guzzling clown. The pursuit can be on foot, underwater, or in a vehicle. Sometimes, the victim is running as fast as they can, while other times, they're motionless to avoid catching the attention of the hunter. 

But no matter what form the chase takes, it's sure to be nerve-wracking. And if the stalker can't be seen, the unknown factor makes it far more frightening.

Even though the horror genre has no shortage of chase sequences, some have that stood out more than others. Due to the flawless camerawork, sublime directing, focus on atmosphere, and phenomenal performances, these 10 chases are sure to leave any horror on edge the edge of their seat.

10. They Swim Now? - Alien: Resurrection

Best Horror Movie Chases
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There's no doubt Alien: Resurrection was the weakest entry in the original Alien quadrilogy. Having said that, the maligned sequel isn't without merit. It has some creative kills, the basketball shot is iconic, and the scene where Ripley finds her clones is legitimately heartbreaking. 

Also, the underwater chase deserves special mention. As Ripley and a band of mercenaries headed up by Ron Perlman and Winona Ryder make their way through a flooded kitchen, they are shocked to learn a pair of Xenomorphs are right behind them. This moment was shocking since it wasn't known until this moment the acid-blooded beasties could swim. 

Not only that, the Xenos glide through the water effortlessly, meaning they have no trouble catching up with their prey. When one member of the group called Hillard realises she's straggling, she begins to panic, desperately trying to swim away. But as the score becomes more manic and high-pitched, it's obvious she's doomed.

Sure enough, the extra-terrestrial latches onto her leg, literally stopping Hillard dead in her tracks. Rather than showing the merc's death, the camera lingers on Ripley's horrified reaction, which is far more unsettling. 

Though the scene is drenched with tension, there's a surprisingly funny moment where one of the mercenaries fires a combustible shell at a Xenomorph. The snarling creature swerves out of the way with ease, letting his partner get blown to pieces. It just goes to show these aliens are loyal to nobody but themselves.

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