10 Best Chosen Ones In Movie History

There can be only one.

Frodo Baggins The Lord of the Rings
New Line Cinema

In most examples of a certain type of Science Fiction and Fantasy movies, there is a person known as the chosen one. Most of the time he is gifted with untapped abilities most would only dream of and destined to free mankind and lead them to a brighter future.

These ten are the chosen few among the chosen many. The best of the best, celebrated because they are great characters with great personalities, and not just because they are popular choices. For that reason, Neo and Harry Potter did not make the cut.

Why not Harry? Well, while his movies are great, with the other characters interesting, and the wizarding world full of life. It's just that Harry, on the other hand, is boring. Plus, he barely has an opportunity to prove himself, either. Every time he is always being saved by others, or by a magical Deus ex machina, with few exceptions.

So who actually does make the cut ahead of the Boy Who Lived?

10. Arthur "Wart" - The Sword In The Stone

Frodo Baggins The Lord of the Rings

Chosen One Title: The Once and Future King

Arthur is an innocent boy trapped in an ignorant world, too comfortable in the old ways. The ruling classes don't see the value of knowledge and education, only setting their attentions to physical prowess and wealth.

So, Arthur ends up being looked down upon as only a scrawny kid, unlike his brawnier foster brother, Kay. What makes Arthur worthy of the sword in the stone, is that he has the humility not to try to wield it at all and the openness to trying new things. While lacking in education and not exactly smart, Arthur has interests in learning things that most don't understand, and will not try; like magic and science. (Since Merlin is a scientist in this movie, they are probably one and the same.)

He embraces new discoveries, where others are scared or rejecting of magic simply because it is something so alien to them, he gets excited at the prospect of what it can do. What other people cannot see, is that being curious with what they don't understand is a key component of progress (also known as the method of science).

And so, Arthur, while not anything outstanding, has big potential by simply welcoming it. One day he will be a great king, welcoming ideas for the kingdom that others will ignore. He is ahead of his time, appreciated only by the one guy who can literally see ahead of his time.


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