10 Best Comedy Actors Of The Last 25 Years

If you dislike all of these, you need your funny bone tested.

Everybody has their favourite actors, whether it be those who consistently gain Oscar acclaim, action heroes or romantic comedy stars. The most subjective types are comedy actors though. Films lovers have an extremely varying taste in leading funnymen, with some preferring more subtle comedic performers and others opting for a slapstick actor who cracks jokes in every second of the movie. This list looks at the cream of the Hollywood comedy crop over the last 25 years, assessing how prolific these actors have been and how versatile they are. It's worth stressing that this relates strictly to films - someone like Ricky Gervais has created television comedy genius with The Office, but been pretty forgettable on the big screen, for example - and will only include people who have been in their prime since 1990. The likes of Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Bill Murray and Leslie Nielsen have all still been working in the last 25 years, but they were undoubtedly at their best in the 1980s. Of course, there will be disagreements about the inclusion and exclusion of certain stars - the lack of a comedy actress will certainly prove contentious with some for starters - but these 10 talents have all enjoyed huge success. Some are potentially on the decline, while others you feel are just getting started.

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