10 Best Disaster Movies Of All Time

Box office bombs... plus earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, alien invasions.

TSG Entertainment

Over the years, we've been dealt a pretty inconsistent hand when it comes to disaster films. There are boatloads of reasons behind what makes a good one, and some are complete and utter garbage, while others go down as instant classics.

Whether it be twisting a real-life event or special effects working their magic to bring a filmmaker's bold idea to life, these movies - like most popular genres -often have an avid following of consumers looking for their next big fix of big-screen catastrophe. And really, it's a good job they do have such a big support base around the world.

Any disaster usually brings with it mass destruction. With recreating that mass destruction comes the inevitable monetary cost of making sure the scenes do themselves - and in some cases a real event - the utmost justice.

But with so many disaster movies out there for you to get your fix, which ones outdo the others and come out on top?

It's a tough task, but like the blockbuster sales smashes they so often are, a damn good disaster movie is a whole lot of fun.


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