10 Best Disaster Movies Of All Time

9. The Day After Tomorrow

independence day resurgence
20th Century Fox

2004 saw us witness what, potentially, our actual future could end up looking like unless certain individuals around the world take some action.

The Day After Tomorrow, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid, is an excellent tale of 'I told you so' in the main.

The world literally freezes over as Gyllenhaal seeks to make his way across America in the hope of delivering some sort of solution and hope to what is a truly disastrous scenario for all involved. (The speed in which he makes it New York, however, needn't be mentioned).

This epic from Roland Emmerich was well in the big-budget movie category at the time. The special effects were particularly well done, while the story and Gyllenhaal's performance were pretty impressive too.

It proved a box-office smash too, raking in well in excess of $500m worldwide.


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