10 Best Disney Live-Action Movie Remakes Ranked Worst To Best

Box Office Results Are The Bare Necessities, The Simple Bare Necessities For Disney.


The Disney company has devised a long term plan with its celebrated and beloved classic animation films, which is to make as many of them as possible into live-action and reap the rewards of box-office nostalgia. So far they have had huge success both critically and commercially with the majority of their efforts and have even committed to making sequels to these remakes in some cases.

The huge budgets and photorealistic techniques used to re-create the jungles of India or the savanna's of Africa have given Disney a renewed license to take their many classic animated films to new heights and gain younger audiences.

Whether they release in the cinema to a billion-dollar windfall or choose to lovingly place it on Dinsey+ and see their subscription base grow even further, it certainly has been a phenomenal idea to bring old adventures back to life.

Disney actually started this proactive plan process some time ago now, and it all kicked-off when we saw Alice In Wonderland thump its way to the top of the box-office in 2010. Since then they have done 9 other theatrical remakes and have another 16 projects based on their animated classic planned and moving forward.


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