10 Best Disney Live-Action Movie Remakes Ranked Worst To Best

10. Alice Through The Looking Glass


The simple rule of successful big-budget movies is that they will have a sequel. Ever since The Godfather spawned The Godfather Part 2, movie studios have been pushing out sequels to movies that were even vaguely profitable. Disney is no exception and when they saw Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter and the billion dollars that followed, they knew a sequel was priority one.

Unfortunately, Depp's own star power was beginning to fade due to various personal issues and public fallouts. So, the fast-tracked sequel to Alice In Wonderland didn't just flop at the box-office, it totally fell apart.

A shoddy story and a star that clearly did it for the money, Alice Through The Looking Glass was a disaster for Disney and lost them somewhere in the region of $70 million dollars. Nothing has ever been mentioned by the way of another Alice project since by the House of Mouse and most of the cast, with the exception of Depp moved on quickly to other things.

It is a shame that this also marked the final performance of the legendary Alan Rickman, who provided his voice in the film. Though it could have been a far bigger Disney property, a mixture of ill-judgement and bad timing ended those hopes.


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