10 Best Fat Kids In Movie History

Every movie needs a "fat kid." Don't pretend you don't agree.

Let€™s face it: chubby kids are adorable. There is a sage wisdom about them, as if they know something their skinny counterparts could never understand. They are the sidekick, the comic relief, occasionally the butt of the joke... but no matter what particular role they fill, you can€™t help but root for them. Even when they don€™t play the leading man (and sadly, they rarely do), it€™s hard to forget these characters€™ eager faces and funny nicknames. You won€™t find many Steves or Charlies in this catalogue, but there€™s no shortage of Gloops and Chunks. The following list is comprised of movies that are childhood favorites, R-rated comedies, and even a few classic literary adaptations. The chunky youngsters within these films are nearly always good for a chuckle, but this list isn€™t meant to poke fun. Being overweight, especially as a youth, can lead to a medley of health problems that are no laughing matter. That said, these young actors have brought smiles to millions of faces all over the world and for that, they should be commended. The intention of this list is to honor their thespian efforts regardless of the limited type of role they might be typecast in. So without further ado, let's start things off with...
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