10 Best Fat Kids In Movie History

10. Thud Butt - Hook

Last but certainly not least is Thud Butt, played by Raushan Hammond at the tender age of 9. Despite being a bit of a minor character, Thud Butt actually gets a relatively beefy amount of screen time compared to the other Lost Boys. Even more notably, when Peter Pan eventually has to take his leave, he pronounces Thud Butt the new leader of the clan. Hammond brings a gentle sincerity to the role, especially evident when he takes Peter aside to give him Tootle€™s lost marbles and help him retrieve his happy thoughts. Thud Butt also has the biggest smile of anybody in the imaginary food scene, likely due in part to the giant wedge of cheese with his name inscribed on it. He€™s not all gentle, though, as he also has a signature cannonball move he can employ to topple half a dozen of Hook€™s pirate cronies. He is definitely one of the strongest members of the ensemble of Lost Boys, and you can imagine he€™ll do just fine as their leader once Peter leaves Neverland once more. Choice Quote: €œCannonbaaaaaaaaall!€
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