10 Best Female Characters In Sci-Fi Movie History

Who run the Sci-Fi world? Girls!

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The science-fiction world is full of fascinating concepts. The avenues for storytelling are not limited to natural bounds, and thanks to that, writers can go in any direction. Because of this, the characters within these projects need to be compelling. Otherwise, there would be very little human connection to the film.

Writers have generated some phenomenal characters in this style. We've seen charismatic leads that drive the plot of the film, brilliantly likeable supporting roles that help to flesh out the world, and terrifying villains that give the heroes a force to fight against. Within all Sci-Fi projects are some great examples of such parts.

But the genre is - like a lot of things - rather male-dominated. The more prominent spots in Sci-Fi movies seem to majoritively go towards men. But, despite this, a lot of female roles in such films end up being the driving factor behind what makes them so popular.

A disclaimer, this article will not discuss any characters from the MCU. Although it is technically Sci-Fi, its priority is as a superhero franchise. It would also limit the amount of spotlight that could go to these brilliant and in some cases, underrated stars.

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