10 Best Female Vampires In Horror Movies

9. Pauline 'The Beast' Ivanovich - What We Do In The Shadows

Byzantium Clara
Paramount Pictures

What We Do In The Shadows did to vampires what The Office did to sitcoms, i.e. made them personable, dry and slightly mundane yet utterly hilarious. It's no surprise the New Zealand mockumentary following three vampires has become one of the most popular comedy/horror experiences on the market. While she only plays a small part in it, The Beast sure is memorable.

Throughout the movie, Vladislav constantly talks of his long-lasting feud with a terrible monster known as The Beast. This vampire is depicted as heartless, ruthless and barbaric. However, you eventually learn that she's just his ex-girlfriend, and the descriptions are spurred on by bad blood - which is probably the vampire equivalent of spoilt milk.

Still, she's more than just a punchline to this joke, as Pauline (played by Elena Stejko) is an amusing character who ranks highly in the Wellington undead society. She's suitably dramatic, has a classic vampire vibe, and her toxic relationship with Vladislav is so hilarious it makes you wish their romantic misadventures could get their own spin-off.


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