10 Best Female Vampires In Horror Movies

8. Nadja - Blood Red Sky

Byzantium Clara

Okay, picture this, it's Die Hard, on a plane, and John McClane is a vampire. Yeah, that's essentially the gist of this flick. It follows a seemingly sick woman (Nadja) as she uses her vampirism to protect her son after a plane they're on gets hijacked by terrorists. If that doesn't sound cool to you, then you're no fun at parties.

Of course, this action-packed movie would be nothing without the leading lady. Peri Baumeister takes on the role of Nadja here and injects the character with a vulnerability that makes her slow transition into something more terrifying and bestial all the more emotional. Watching her give into her vampirism (despite wanting to rid herself of it) to save her son is the perfect tragic sacrifice and adds some much-needed weight to this thriller.

She also looks terrifying, with a Nosferatu-esque design that reminds you of how vampires used to look before they got all sexy. This adds even more to the terror of the movie as her feeding and violence are utterly grotesque.

With this vamp lady, you get emotion, horror, action and a protective mum - what more could you ask for?


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