10 Best Female Vampires In Horror Movies

These girls will really get your blood pumping!

Byzantium Clara

Picture the scene; you're walking down an alleyway at night. It's cold, and your teeth are chattering. Suddenly, a figure starts walking the opposite way to you, heading in your direction. She's tall, confident and beautiful, and you can feel yourself falling in love with her a little. Then, she strides up to you, grabs you by the throat, and sucks the blood out of your neck. If you haven't guessed it, you've just encountered a vampire!

Vampires are one of the oldest monsters in the book, which is why they've been a movie staple since the earliest days of cinema. The image of a nocturnal monster feeding on the citizens of the world is so ubiquitous that anyone could understand it. Still, one of the best tropes of the monster is the elusive female vampire.

Now, not all of these vampires are the femme fatale type, as you'll find various blood-suckers, ranging from predators to seductresses to unfortunate victims. But that highlights just how much character and personality can be found in each of these blood-sucking monstrosities.

These ten characters are wonderful examples of how charming and terrifying these demons can be.

10. Katrina - Vamp

Byzantium Clara
New World Pictures

When scouring the '80s for schlocky slasher movies, you're going to be overloaded with a bunch of trashy films that pique your interest. Vamp (1986) is not necessarily one of those, as the film is a bona fide average affair. However, there's one electrifying character so awesome you'd wish they had a better movie to show them off. Enter, Grace Jones' Katrina.

Katrina is an avant-garde exotic dancer who lures the film's protagonists in with her eccentric and artsy performance in a nightclub. The boys try to convince her to perform at their college, but the offer of a good time turns into a bloodbath as she reveals her vampiric identity and spends the rest of the flick hunting them down - alongside other vampires.

It should come as a surprise to no one that Grace Jones is stunning in this role. The iconic model has an X-factor that makes all her performances jump out of the screen and pull you in. She brings that to the max here as she combines surreal body imagery with the terrifying ferocity of a predator.


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