10 Best Film Biopics About Politicians

The best films about politicians out there, from Winston Churchill to Richard Nixon.

Anthony Hopkins Nixon
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There is an innate fascination with world leaders that is hard to ignore. The kinds of people that are drawn to these positions of power and the state of mind they have to be in to make choices that will affect millions is incredibly enticing.

For years, cinema has explored this very thing on the big screen as it has told stories of the complex and often hidden lives of the politicians that resided over their respective nations. From George Washington to Donald Trump, Benjamin Disraeli to Tony Blair, world leaders are prime material for a cinematic do-over.

To educate, entertain, commend or to condemn, the reasons for making them can vary, but these political films can often end up being superb no matter the motive.

Often linked to the central performance but also the exceptional storytelling attached, films about politicians attract the best names and talents in filmmaking and will usually lead to exceptional results.

Whether you agree or not with how these individuals are depicted, there is no denying that the craftmanship and leading performances on display provide more than enough reasons to give these films a watch.

10. The Iron Lady

Anthony Hopkins Nixon
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The Iron Lady solely makes the cut for its strong leading performance. Meryl Streep completely embodies the longest-serving British Prime Minister of the 20th century and the first woman to do so in a performance that won Streep her third Academy Award.

Streep carries the film on her back as an elderly Thatcher struggles with the death of her husband Dennis, while reminiscing about her time running the UK.

The film itself is a rather safe and uncontroversial biopic of a divisive figure that does more to deify her than delve into the consequences of her actions. It is a shame that one of the most contested leaders in Britain's history - who was both loved and despised is approached from such a one-sided perspective.

Regardless, Streep is the standout here and is the only reason you need to see The Iron Lady. She nails the representation of a woman who is often imitated without devolving into parody.


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