10 Best Film Biopics About Politicians

9. Invictus

Anthony Hopkins Nixon
Warner Bros.

Although not entirely about Nelson Mandela in its delivery, Invictus takes one of the most famous events during his presidency and uses it to explore the kind of man and leader he was.

In his first term as President of South Africa, Mandela chooses to take an unconventional route to winning over the Apartheid-torn society by pushing the national rugby team to win the World Cup in 1995.

Morgan Freeman was handpicked to play Nelson Mandela by the man himself and you can see why, as Freeman disappears into the character seamlessly. You can tell that a role of this importance meant a great deal to Freeman and he approaches it with the upmost seriousness.

Clint Eastwood's drama is sentimental and inspiring as Invictus is essentially a sports film with Nelson Mandela at its core. Matt Damon plays the captain of the rugby team and provides a good insight into how white South Africans saw Mandela beforehand and how they began to see him as he started to change the country.


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