10 Best Final Speeches In Movie History

9. The Needs Of The Many (Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan)

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Outside of its fanbase, the Star Trek franchise is often seen as somewhat overindulgent.

This is owing in no small part to the movies starring the aging cast of the original series, six big screen outings of drastically varying quality.

One of the better of these six titles is the second, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Despite a few instances of classic Shatner over-acting, Wrath of Khan has generally cemented itself as a fan favourite, owing in no small part to the Kirk/Khan/Spock story that ends in Spock's death, temporary though it may be.

Spock dies from radiation poisoning while repairing the Enterprise's main reactor, allowing the ship to escape the blast zone of Khan's genesis device, but not before delivering a heartfelt speech to old friend James Kirk.

The scene between the two is emotional, and manages to conjure images of all of Kirk and Spock's many adventures together. Spock's speech is short, but highlights perfectly the difference between Kirk and Spock, with Spock explaining that his death is his "Kobayashi Maru", the unwinnable scenario that Kirk cheated while at Starfleet. He ends by telling Kirk that he is, and forever shall be his friend.

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