10 Best Found Footage Zombie Horror Movies

A video camera and zombies? What could possibly go wrong?!

Savageland Found Footage Horror Movie
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There was a time not too long ago when the subgenres of zombies and found-footage were at the absolute peak of entertainment. Both of them are still rocking the horror world, but it's safe to say they're not as explosively popular as they were during the 2010s.

Despite these subgenres being incredibly lucrative (and makeable on a shoestring budget), it's very rare to see them combine. Zombies tend to stay on their side of the fence, whereas found-footage tends to lend its hand at oversaturating the supernatural/realistic markets, with demons and serial killers galore. Still, that's not to say their paths haven't ever crossed.

Horror has seen some notable examples of the found-footage genre running into (and away from) hordes of the living dead, with shaky cam, gore and scares packed all throughout. They are certainly rare to come by, but that rarity only serves to make each flick feel like a hidden gem, regardless of quality.

Now, these movies are certainly far from perfect, but if you're looking for a spot of brain-feeding with a dose of "reality" chucked in, these are the targets you'll want to toss your tomahawks at.

10. JeruZalem

Savageland Found Footage Horror Movie
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Judging from the title, you can probably tell where this movie is set.

This aptly named flick follows a pair of American tourists on a trip to Tel Aviv in Israel. After meeting a fellow American on the plane, they change plans and go to Jerusalem instead to celebrate Yom Kippur. But, they soon find they've made a grave mistake, as the End of Days arrives and monsters appear in the city, spreading their affliction through touch.

The film does trick you a little, as while the Z in the title and general presentation will give you flashbacks to the likes of World War Z, these zombies are more like demons than traditional walkers - some of them have wings, for Pete's sake.

However, the flick makes a fascinating point about how cultural evils can be quantified together, with Islamic Jinns, Jewish Golems and even the living dead all being manifestations of the same evil - according to one character, at least.

This plays into the religious connotations of the movie, which not only gives it a bit of edge when compared to the typical zombie-infection trope but makes the setting feel entirely appropriate. Jerusalem is rumoured to have a gateway to Hell, so this nightmare makes perfect sense there.


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