10 Best Found Footage Zombie Horror Movies

9. American Zombie

Savageland Found Footage Horror Movie
Cinema Libre Studio

America! The land of the free and the home of the zombie! Well, that's what this film would have you believe anyway.

Mockumentaries are a delightful way to have fun with the docufilm genre. Rather than showing you scared youngsters running around with a video camera, you get to see a fully edited movie made to trick you into thinking it's reality. This zombie flick makes excellent use of that, with some stellar comedy and scathing satire.

American Zombie follows a documentary film crew making a movie about a zombie subculture in Los Angeles. There, they learn about different types of zombies, who range from utterly mindless to almost entirely human. But, their efforts soon become hostile as they discover some of the stereotypes about the undead are more accurate than they want you to believe.

Now, the allegory does get messy towards the end as the flick reverts to being more of a traditional zombie movie, making the rest of the film's commentary on identity politics seem redundant. But still, that just gives you the best of both worlds, as you can enjoy it as both an amusing satire and a violent scarefest with some funny moments and a shocking climax.


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