10 Best Fully CGI Characters In Sci-Fi Movies

Characters like Yoda prove that you don't need live-action to be awesome!

Sonny I, Robot
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The modern filmmaking world is a far cry from the movie days of old. As technology has progressed, the ability to generate stories and characters has become far more creative. The means to create non-human creatures have grown massively, and what better genre is there to lead viewers into the future of character creation than that of sci-fi?

We have seen some amazing fully Computer Generated characters in movies, with a specific breakthrough being that of Gollum, who revolutionised what it meant to have a fully realised animated character in a live-action film. But sci-fi - with Gollum notwithstanding - has proven to be the best at integrating them into film form.

Science fiction is a genre that relies on its ability to transport the audience into an entirely new world that is equal parts familiar and alien. One of the best ways it can achieve this, is by having characters within them that are completely computer generated. By doing so, the filmmakers have complete reign to mould and perform these parts in a way that takes audiences by surprise.

Entirely computer generated characters are a fantastic opportunity for actors and special effects creators to synergise and make the role as physically impressive as possible.

The following entries are all amazing roles from a collection of different periods and levels of technology, but all achieve fantastic characters without the need to see the real face behind them.

10. Pikachu - Detective Pikachu

Sonny I, Robot

Starting this list with such an iconic character is a reveal of the upcoming standard that will be set by the entries which lie ahead.

Detective Pikachu is a movie that caught many people by surprise. While it isn't a ground-breaking production, it does prove that sometimes video game movie adaptations can work. One of the best aspects of this film are the Pokémon, who are generated in a believable but still cartoonish way. This perfect blend makes them feel otherworldly, yet uncannily realistic, and Pikachu has to be the film's best.

The voice of Ryan Reynolds can be a little distracting, but his quick-witted humour feels like a good accompaniment to the fantastic visual effects on display for the character. Pikachu is utterly adorable and capable of displaying a wide range of emotions, despite being a non-realistic creature.

The ending of the film takes the character in an exciting direction, and any future movies in the world of Pokémon will be all the more interesting for this character's inclusion.


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