10 Best Hidden Gem Found Footage Horror Movies

Don't miss out on these shaky-cam filled nightmares!

Alien Abduction
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Horror is a genre that is so full of sub-genres that it might as well be a Russian doll. You can start with themes like supernatural, sci-fi, or gothic, and then delve deeper with extra labels, such as creature features, body horror, or slashers.

However, one subgenre that has really grabbed horror by the throat and refused to let go is found footage. Cue the screaming, lack of strong visuals, and a low-budget camcorder, because it's time to head into the woods and document some weird phenomenon.

It is sadly true that many consider found footage to be a lesser niche within the horror genre, as it is cheap to produce, over-saturated to Hell, and has a host of terrible films under its wing. However, that isn't to say that every found footage film is bad - often, the lack of budgetary restrictions or corporate interference allows filmmakers plenty of creative freedom.

Anybody from an experienced creator to a talented rookie can make a found footage flick if they put their minds to it. As such, there are tonnes of thrilling found footage horror films that have flown under the radar.

The following obscure found footage flicks are worth your time if you give them a chance.

10. Frankenstein's Army (2013)

Alien Abduction
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Many found footage horror movies take the less is more approach, hiding their technical imperfections by focusing on atmosphere and tension over big monsters and action. However, Frankenstein's Army is so far on the opposite end of that spectrum that it will give you whiplash.

This bonkers WWII movie follows a squad of Soviet soldiers documenting their time as they push further into Germany. Things take a dramatic turn after the crew runs into a descendant of the legendary Victor Frankenstein and meets the mechanical monstrosities he has created.

If you love practical effects, then this is a film you don't want to miss. The gruesome creations of this mad scientist are brimming with personality, creativity, and horror. They are also all brought to life with shockingly good costume designs and prosthetic make-up effects. It's like Hellraiser meets Overlord meets The Blair Witch Project. 

Frankenstein's Army is a movie that doesn't take itself seriously, instead indulging in gruesome kills and eye-catching steampunk visuals. If that sounds even remotely appealing, then you need to check it out.

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