10 Best Hidden Gem Found Footage Horror Movies

9. Savageland (2015)

Alien Abduction
The Massive Film Company

One of the most enjoyable things about the zombie subgenre is that it can apply to almost anything. You can have zombie romances like Warm Bodies or Life After Beth, zombie comedies like Shaun of the Dead or One Cut of the Dead, and even zombie classical literature like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. 

However, while hordes of flesh-eating creatures can find themselves in any context, one thing they always excel at is social commentary. The zombie has long been a tool for critiquing societal problems, and this underground film is a textbook example. 

Savageland explores a fictional massacre in an isolated town between the US and Mexico. Tragically, the lone survivor, an illegal immigrant named Francisco, becomes the main suspect in a racially motivated witch hunt. 

The film's scathing look at American xenophobia pairs perfectly with the zombie-filled concept, scaring you with the unsettling dehumanization of Francisco. It's not a bonafide thrill fest like other zombie flicks, with a slower pace and more serious tone. However, it convincingly continues the tradition laid out by classics like Night of the Living Dead of using undead creatures as a lens for societal reflection.  

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