10 Best High School Horror Movies

Growing up can be hell.

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Some say your high (or secondary for all us Brits) school years are your best. Others say they're soul-destroying. Those hormonally-enhanced days of lessons, social hierarchies and house parties are a perfect fit for the angry, unpredictable world of horror cinema.

A diverse crowd of masterful creepfests have been set on campus. Freaks, geeks, jocks, cheerleaders and every other stereotype wind up with something in common: victimhood. Seriously, what is up with slashers and their obsession with terminating young adults? Sadly the savagery doesn't cease at masked melee combatants; ill-fated adolescents have fallen prey to supernatural scares-a-plenty too.

All the blood, guts and gore make those pesky exams look like a walk in the park. Falling in and out of favour with audiences each decade, the high school setting remains one of horror's most well known and satirised. Bursting with frivolous tropes (car won't start, tripping over in the midst of a chase etc), the often campy classroom thrills are some times scary but always good fun.

Influential, insane and slightly inane, filmmakers have been letting their imaginations run wild here for decades.

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